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Working alongside Nanette O’Hara on a major revision to the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for Tampa Bay was an exceptional experience.  Nanette is a highly talented and accomplished writer, photographer and project leader and brings a high level of creativity, intelligence and knowledge to everything she does.  This remarkable skillset, combined with her consistent reliability, responsiveness and attention to detail guarantee innovative and outstanding results.  I would work with Nanette again in a heartbeat.

David Shafer, PhD, Shafer Consulting


I have had the pleasure of working with Nanette O’Hara as the Tampa Bay Estuary Program’s Public Outreach Coordinator for over 20 years.  During this period, Nanette consistently provided outstanding, creative and innovative education and outreach support for TBEP, earning her highest praise from environmental science and management programs throughout the country.  Of her many skills, Nanette’s ability to translate highly technical information into clearly articulated messages that resonate with a wide and disparate audience is among her strongest.   Her work was always on time and of highest quality.  I enthusiastically recommend Nanette to anyone with the need for creative, timely, accurate and relevant communication support.

Holly Greening, Executive Director, Tampa Bay Estuary Program


Nanette is a top-notch communications professional. She is smart, strategic, creative and knows how to stretch a budget without ever missing a deadline. A whiz at social media, Nanette can dream up fresh and engaging content week after week. She also just happens to be really, really nice and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Nanette to anyone looking for help with communications and outreach.

Sara Isaac, Director of Behavior Change Marketing, SalterMitchell / Marketing for Change

As a graphic designer providing clients with creative solutions for over ten years, I have learned to value the good ones—those I would grade as “A-list clients.” Nanette O’Hara has been one of these valued clients for several years. As a project organizer, she is thorough and timely in her directives. As a copy provider (writer), her content is “drop-in” ready and is always written with the standards that are demanded from great communications. And as a creative communicator, well, let’s just say that I’ve thought for years that she should be working in her own shop. She is filled with good ideas, offers reasonable and pragmatic solutions to challenges that would put many of my other clients in stagnant holding patterns for weeks, and she has the unique ability to keep all of the proverbial balls in the air at the same time, helping to tailor each project into a neatly packaged final product every time. Anyone who is creative, intelligent, down-to-earth, and can communicate well holds a special place in my heart. For these reasons, I highly recommend O’Hara Communications.

Sheri Bazany, Bazany Design

I have worked with Nanette O’Hara for over a decade in her various capacities as a facilitator, project manager, educator, communications expert, and writer. I have truly enjoyed every opportunity and learned something new along the way. Nanette is passionate about her work and about seeing others succeed.  She is generous with her time helping colleagues around the bay area and state with outreach initiatives. Nanette was the project manager for the highly successful Be Floridian campaign that seeks to change behavior and increase awareness about how our landscapes can have positive impacts on our environment.  The growth of the program across the state is a testimony to Nanette’s talent and her commitment to the project. Most recently, Nanette led various groups through the 2017 update of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) for Tampa Bay. The 2-year process culminated in a visually beautiful and scientifically meaningful publication that is truly reflective of Nanette’s incredible skill set and her love for Tampa Bay. I can’t wait for my next project with Nanette.

Kelli Hammer Levy, Division Director, Pinellas County Environmental Management


Nanette is a smart cookie. She knows her stuff but, most importantly, she knows how to make people care about what is valuable to you, your company and your community. She has a proven track record of driving people towards meaningful action, all while having a great time doing it!

Lindsay Cross, Director, Florida Wildlife Corridor


I have worked with Nanette O’Hara for almost two decades, and she has always gone above and beyond in all aspects of her work. She has a thoughtful and inclusive approach that lends itself well to working with a diverse array of people, often with divergent backgrounds. She is a talented communications professional with both the content knowledge necessary to be effective while also possessing the essential “soft skills” needed to promote and foster effective communication strategies that produce tangible change.

Debbi Stone, Vice President of Education, The Florida Aquarium