communication must be organic to reach your audience.




Be Floridian

Supporting the strongest fertilizer restrictions in the nation, the Be Floridian campaign asked homeowners in the Tampa Bay region to skip lawn fertilizer in the summer to prevent pollution of the waters they cherish for recreation. Be Floridian utilized principles of social marketing to identify target audiences, deliver messages that inspired behavior change, and monitor success. Working with the marketing firm of Salter Mitchell, Nanette coordinated a 5-year campaign for the Tampa Bay Estuary Program that embraced contemporary marketing techniques – including digital ads, billboards, bus wraps, sharable infographics, an active Facebook community, and concentrated retail store outreach -- reinforced by community outreach showcasing the campaign’s iconic plastic pink yard flamingo mascot. Campaign evaluations demonstrated that Be Floridian increased homeowner knowledge of Florida-friendly fertilizer practices in Pinellas County and significantly reduced the amount of fertilizer used by Pinellas residents. Be Floridian has been adopted by several Florida counties.


Charting The Course: The Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for Tampa Bay

Nanette coordinated writing, editing, design, internal/external reviews, and stakeholder feedback for a complete revision of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for Tampa Bay (CCMP), a two-year effort that will guide bay research and restoration for a decade. Nanette also provided original photographs for the CCMP, created a web-based poll to solicit public opinions of priority issues, and led production of a condensed Public Summary of the Plan. Her partners in this extended project were Shafer Consulting and Bazany Design.


Pooches for the Planet

Nanette created and implemented a multi-faceted educational campaign to persuade pet owners to properly dispose of their doggy’s doody to protect public health and water quality. Through partnerships with animal shelters, vet clinics, neighborhoods and pet-related businesses, Pooches for the Planet used positive messaging to promote “Clean Waters, Clean Yards and Clean Shoes.” The campaign received nationwide attention for innovative GPS mapping of poop piles in target parks and preserves to successfully document changes in pet waste disposal practices following educational efforts. Nanette’s Pooches for the Planet team members were Simply Green Solutions and Bazany Design.


Tampa Bay: Living Legacy

This hour-long documentary film, aired widely on PBS stations throughout Florida, chronicled the dramatic decline and inspiring rejuvenation of Tampa Bay. Nanette earned a Telly Award for her work as the film’s producer, coordinating script development, on-location filming, and interviews with elected officials, scientists and citizens instrumental in the bay’s recovery. Nanette also coordinated development of a companion teaching guide to the film for high school students.




This social sharing campaign Nanette implemented for the Tampa Bay Estuary Program showcases digital postcards of special people and places in Tampa Bay, collected in themes of home, jobs, art, science and community. The postcards can be shared on multiple social media platforms as well as email. Residents are invited to upload and share their own Tampa Bay postcards, directly from their cellphones. Nanette’s #Love Tampa Bay team included Hashtag Creative, MKH Communications, Bazany Design and Kathleen Finnerty Photography.


Estuary Academy

As part of her unending quest to demystify and deliver science to citizens, Nanette created an annual event called Estuary Academy for the Tampa Bay Estuary Program. Limited to 100 participants, attendees heard brief lectures from engaging experts on topics ranging from sharks to scallops, then stretched their estuary IQ through hands-on workshops where they sampled seagrass beds, identified plankton, reconstructed a manatee skeleton, or designed and tested their own simple underwater Remote Operated Vehicle. Estuary Academy’s menu of talks and workshops changed each year, and the participating scientists had as much fun as the citizens!