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Communicate • Educate • Inspire

O’Hara Communications specializes in helping environmental scientists, advocates and educators spread the word about your good works. Because what you do is important, to all of us.

With more than 30 years of experience in science communication, environmental education, community involvement and project management, we are uniquely qualified to assist with your outreach needs.  We have worked extensively with governments, non-profits, and environmental consultants. Check out our Portfolio for examples of our work, then see what clients and colleagues have to say.

Through partnerships with talented graphic designers, web developers, photographers, and marketing and education specialists, O’Hara Communications provides a full suite of communications and creative services.


Our Team

Nanette Holland O’Hara, Chief Communicator

As far back as she can remember, Nanette Holland O’Hara loved being outside, first in rural North Carolina and later in her adopted hometown of Gainesville, Florida. She also realized very early that she wanted to know both the common AND scientific names of every plant and animal encountered on her adventures. And, she wanted other people to know and care about the natural world.

After earning a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Florida, Nanette worked as an Environmental Reporter for several Florida newspapers, earning several awards and a nomination for a Pulitzer Prize. She then spent two decades managing creative communications and educational campaigns for the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, a nationally renowned environmental partnership.

Nanette founded O’Hara Communications to “help do-gooders do better” by improving the ways in which they reach, teach and inspire the current and future caretakers of our woods, wetlands and waters.

Paprika and Paris, Special Feline Assistants

Orphaned sisters who were rescued and hand-raised in a foster home through St. Francis Animal Society, Paprika and Paris assist with important tasks such as keeping the mousepad warm, monitoring the printer, and making sure the Chief Communicator takes kibble breaks.




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